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Practice of the profession of psychologist

Registration as a psychologist with the right of free practice- Bîrlescu Maria Petronela- Individual Office of Psychology - code 21693
Clinical psychology (children and adults):
-investigation and psycho-diagnosis of mental disorders ;
- cognitive and neuropsychological assessment;
- behavioural assessment;
- mental health assessment, in order to carry out activities requiring by law psychological examination.
- subjective-emotional evaluation;
- assessment of personality and coping mechanisms;


  • Individual meeting adults 120 lei

    75 min

  • Individual session children 100 lei

    60 min

  • Parental counselling (pre/post natal) 100 lei

    60 min

*Transport psychology

  • Psychological opinion, driving licence categories 70 lei

    A and B

  • Psychological opinion for the renewal of the cat licence 70 lei

    A and B

Metoda Feuerstein

  • Initial child psychological assessment/clinical assessment and psycho-diagnosis (depending on the situation) 120 lei

    The purpose of the assessment is to determine the degree of development so that the therapeutic intervention can be "targeted", correlated with the child's needs.

  • Child - individual sessions 1:1/50 min 80 lei


  • Child diagnosed with neurodevelopmental disorder 100 lei

    or under assessment for diagnosis

  • Group meetings as follows : Children 6-8 years 60 lei

    4 groups / 50 min

  • Group meetings as follows : Children 9-10 years 50 lei

    4 groups / 50 min
    Recommended number of sessions to see results in the child's progress: 2 sessions/week, (or, once every 4 days).

  • Child/adult psychological counselling 120 lei

    50 min

  • Support group for children/adolescents/adults